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Analyzing Current Pitfalls in the Warehouse Process: Part One

If the warehouse is unable to meet or sustain their business objectives, then retailers need to identify the issues and address area where improvements can be made. This can be done by understanding what is happening within their four walls. Walk the aisles. Work side-by-side with pickers and packers. Talk to workers to see if they have ideas for improvement. Typically, front-line employees have a good sense of what they’d like to see and do to improve and optimize their work.

Along with being the most logical starting point for process analysis and development, this appears to be the most effective long term strategy for…basically anything.

Start a conversation. Listen.

From the first in a series of posts from Parcel Industry about process analysis in warehousing. Part Two covers space and equipment requirements. Two more installments are forthcoming!

These are quick and insightful, and provide a solid groundwork for operations of any size.