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Don’t miss last week’s new guide in the learning system on using the MPR121 capacitive touch breakout with MicroPython and CircuitPython!  This guide shows how to use the MPR121 breakout to detect when a person touches an object.  This is great for making fun interactive devices with MicroPython, check out the guide for all the details.

In other interesting Python news, Wingware made changes to their line of Python editors this week.  They now have a personal and 101 version which are both free and target the hobbyist/student and beginner markets.  It’s great to see more Python editors embracing beginners and hobbyists–check out Wingware’s blog post for more details on the new editor editions.

Also big news form Pycom, creators of the SciPy, LoPy and other IoT MicroPython boards, in a tweet they mention hiring for 30 positions across the US and Europe.  Great to see the MicroPython world continues to grow!