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Bak USA brings a novel concept to making tablets

Their tablet factory on Michigan Avenue has grown, in a little more than two years, to nearly 80 employees, with workers of 27 different nationalities speaking 22 different languages – many without high school diplomas – toiling alongside highly educated colleagues with Ph.D.s and advanced degrees.

“We don’t ask what school papers you have. It doesn’t matter, as long as we think they have the passion and the drive”

We love a good company-with-a-cause story, which is why we are so excited about Bak USA.

From their quickly expanding factory in Buffalo, NY, they develop and channel energy in the local community to create affordable products for educators and businesses alike, effectively passing the baton and furthering the reach of their cause.

Our goal? To create sustainable job opportunities, build accessible technology, and establish urban communities as mainstays of American manufacturing.

In March 2016, they became an OEM for Microsoft, and are now integrating dual-arm collaborative robots to support their growing workforce.

The business is based on the founders’ previous successes with SurTab, a similar manufacturing company based in Haiti.


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