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FluoWiFi™ – IoT board with WiFi & BLE (Arduino programmable) by Adriano Costanzo @ Kickstarter.

FluoWiFi™ is all you need to create your own IoT solution. It is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega644p by Atmel (Microchip) and the ESP32 module by Espressif.

The ESP32 is a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low power combo chip. It provides the right powerful Cloud backend thanks to support to IPv4 and IPv6, Secure HTTP, Coap, REST and MQTT protocols ready to go.

The ATmega644p is a powerful 8-bit AVR micro-controller. It is fully Arduino™ fully compatible, making it the ideal solution for makers and creators that can’t wait to make the Internet of Things a reality. It is easy to program thanks to Fluo software exclusives such as FluoTube for access to the IoT and FluoOTA (Over The Air) in order to upgrade the program without wires, connected to its surroundings through numerous sensors, actuators and Arduino compatible shields.

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We backed the Kickstarter and will update once we get one (er, 2). What’s REALLY interesting is who is working on this, Gianluca Martino a co-founder of Arduino.

Based on the video, it looks like the board uses the Arduino IDE “Fluto Edition” – and touts “shields” – the demos include some of our Adafruit shields.

Here’s a post about the Kickstarter (German article, translated via Google translate).

One of the founders of Fluo Technology, Gianluca Martino, is no stranger to the Arduino scene. He was responsible for the production of the original Arduino boards for many years with his company Smart Projects SRL. He became involved in a legal dispute with the other Arduino founders , among other things, about trademark rights issues and the renaming of his company in Arduino SRL . But shortly after the beginning of the dispute he practically disappeared from the public. Federico Musto, the new CEO of Arduino SRL, continued the litigation. In October 2016 the dispute was settled .


Fluo Technology provides a device platforms that enables users to quickly and easily build, connect and control their IoT applications.
We are a young startup company made in UK but with worldwide view. We give the opportunity to people as possible to have access to the world of IoT, and to be able to easily create their own IoT application.

FluoTechnology Advisor
Co-Founder Arduino.
Responsible of development, supply chain, production, quality, logistic and marketing of Arduino up to 2015.
Hardware Engineer.


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We couldn’t find FluoWiFi™ or Fluo registered in the USA. For those who know about the Arduino trademark dispute – where, who, how and when Arduino was register was the source of some challenges that came up between the co-founder(s) and the later arduino.org and arduino.cc entities, they have since settled as per the public articles and MakerFaire announcement.

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We also could not find it in the UK trademark search. However it does come up in a company search in the UK.