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Libraries in New York and Seattle Area Staging a Battle of the Sorters

On Tuesday, Salvatore Magaddino will crank up the “Rocky” theme song and deliver a pep talk. His crew will then have one hour to defend the city’s title as home to “the world’s fastest library-sorting system” (at least according to the trophy) and to break its 2-2 tie with a squad from the King County Library System, which serves the area around Seattle.

Picked this article out of the line up from the fantastic New York 101 series from the New York Times (definitely check it out if you have not already!) simply because it focuses on some of the people behind the splendor and tenderness and of the New York Public Library.

Logistics is complicated, and occasionally maddening, but it can also be exciting and rewarding as teams strive to reach higher and higher levels of excellence in their work.  A bit of friendly competition doesn’t hurt either!