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Zenefits Cuts Nearly Half of Staff

In a memo to staff, the company’s new chief executive, Jay Fulcher, wrote that “in 2015, the company grew too quickly, hiring employees to support revenue projections that far surpass where we are today. Today’s action aligns our costs more closely to our business realities.”

The news from Zenefits this week (new CEO, now more layoffs) provides an opportunity to reflect on the impressive call to arms David Sacks sent to his staff a year ago when he took over as CEO.  It was straightforward, clarifying, and focused on a powerful message of integrity and cooperation. He ended with:

I believe Zenefits has a great opportunity, vision, and future if we can align it to the right execution. As a friend once told me, “successful companies have multiple founding moments.”

This is one of them. This is a founding moment. You are all co-founders in this new path forward. I know how much hard work everyone has put into this company and that we will all come together on this journey.

This is Day 1.

At the time, it was a powerful call to regroup and move forward. Check out the full message here.