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FedEx’s new service takes aim at Amazon

FedEx (FDX) isn’t a retailer, so businesses looking to sell online should be less wary of it.

“We’re focused on the retailer, and doing what’s right for the retailer, in helping them grow their business,” Ryan Kelly, senior vice president of FedEx Supply Chain, told CNNTech. “I think that is differentiated in the marketplace. It’s why we’re getting such great feedback.”

FedEx’s solution appears to make the most sense for businesses that already have a robust online presence and don’t need to rely on another marketplace, such as Amazon’s, to find an audience.

Spending some time this morning poking around the Fedex Fulfillment Services page and press release. It looks like they’ve managed to beat Amazon to punch by connecting a tried and true global logistics network to powerful fulfillment services, but will it be enough?

Only time will tell if the fear of being undercut by Amazon is enough to drive small and medium sized business away from the allure of increased exposure and Prime shipping.