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Did you know there’s a brand new port of MicroPython in development for the ESP32 processor?  The ESP32 is a followup to the extremely popular ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller and adds features like an extra processing core, more I/O, and better wireless support like the addition of Bluetooth.  It’s still a bit early in development but you can explore the new MicroPython ESP32 port in its GitHub repository.  Be warned you’ll need to setup an ESP32 toolchain and build the firmware yourself to try it right now–see the ESP32 port readme for all the details.

Related to the ESP32 port is the news that PyCom, creators of the LoPy, WiPy, and other IoT-related MicroPython boards, will collaborate with MicroPython creator Damien George on the ESP32 MicroPython port.  This is great news as it will improve the development of the ESP32 port by combining PyCom and Damien’s contributions.  Keep an eye on the MicroPython ESP32 GitHub repository for updates and the latest code to try on ESP32 boards!

Also don’t forget there’s an Adafruit CircuitPython hackchat on hackaday.io today Friday January 27th at 3pm EST.  Stop by to ask questions about CircuitPython, MicroPython, and Adafruit’s hardware.