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Happy CyberMonday ya’ll, today is the day where we all get a chance to see the deals, marketing and efforts by just about every company selling things online. This includes maker companies. On Friday (Black Friday) the Adafruit twitter account posted deals/links and more to companies in the “maker space” from MAKE Magazine to Pololu, we tried to cover them all, including “competitors” which isn’t really accurate to say since we’re all working towards similar goals and we can amplify each other, there’s enough room for all of us and we’re all just getting started.

SO – some observations, many/most of the maker companies are silo’ing off, in other words, they’re not pointing to others as much, maybe it’s a sales crunch or maybe it’s something else, but there isn’t as much “coopetition” as previous years. Hackaday and MAKE being a community center could have (more) buying guides, deals for makers and be the center of where to seek curated products, there’s some of that going on – just less than ever, it’s every-man-for-himself vibe’, at least that’s the feels we’re getting. That said, MAKE has a good post/round up here.

Over the weekend, we reached out to a lot of sites and suggested we all do a #OPENCYBERMONDAY effort together, this would encourage people to not only get some deals online today, but support some open source projects/foundations and more. We’ll see how that goes.

Other notes..

Adafruit 1973
Adafruit 1974
Less Bitcoin being spent for sure this year, source: Adafruit daily orders/order amount. However, other forms of payment like Amazon Payments are doing great as expected.