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How Google Is Schooling Apple And Microsoft In The Battle For America’s Classrooms | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

Google now dominates K–12 education in the United States, even in schools, like String Theory, that have formal relationships with Apple and Microsoft. Just five years after Google introduced its bare-bones Chromebook laptop—which runs a software suite that includes Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts, and more, and retails for as low as $150—the search giant has topped both Apple and Microsoft in U.S. education sales. It shipped more than 5 million devices to U.S. buyers in 2015, roughly twice the total of each of its rivals. In the first quarter of 2016, the Chrome operating system’s share of shipments to U.S. classrooms hit 51%—a number that will continue to rise, according to Futuresource.

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Intense, we’ve been working on making sure our platforms (Circuit Playground for example) work well, or will work on Chromebooks, having Apple, Microsoft and Google for education really helps any company that makes electronics like Arduino-compatibles as it distributes low cost computers (Chromebooks) and then companies like Adafruit have a way to deliver under $20 microcontrollers.

So what we are saying is ignoring Chromebooks is you make electronic learning platforms will limit opportunities.