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Here’s a few Maker Biz related articles we’re reading with some commentary …

HDMI Alt Mode for USB Type-C™ Connector

The HDMI Alt Mode for USB Type-C connector will allow HDMI-enabled source devices to utilize a USB Type-C connector to directly connect to HDMI-enabled displays, and deliver native HDMI signals over a simple cable without the need for protocol and connector adapters or dongles. This enables two of the most popular solutions for connectivity to come together—the small form factor, reversible, and multi-purpose USB Type-C connector being adopted by smartphones, tablets and PC products, and HDMI, which is the leading display interface with an installed base of billions of displays. Almost 290 million HDMI-enabled display devices are expected to ship in 2016, including projectors, monitors and 100 percent of flat panel TVs.

Ok, weird – this means any device with a USB-C port can output video to HDMI The Verge and Biz wire have more.

Jack Ma: Wars start when trade stops

“We should keep on going along the path of globalization,” Ma said Friday in Hangzhou, China. “Globalization is good… when trade stops, war comes.” The executive chairman of Alibaba said he hopes the anti-globalization fervor that currently grips much of the world will ease after U.S. elections in November. China, in particular, has been a target of heated rhetoric.

“We need solutions for young people to leverage the technology we have, so they can buy anywhere, sell anywhere, trade anywhere,” he said. “If you want to get involved, just join.”

Well of course Alibaba / Taobao want , in to some extent – it’s already happened, everyone is just starting to notice (more).

UPS rates are going up, no surprise

Daily rates for UPS® Ground service will increase an average net 4.9%.
Daily rates for UPS Air and International services will increase an average net 4.9%.
The Additional Handling charge will be assessed for UPS Air and International packages with the longest side exceeding 48 inches, instead of 60 inches.

What is a company like Amazon going to do? Compete – “Will Amazon Kill FedEx?” For UPS and FedEx, Amazon’s been great for business. Now it’s taking business away from them.

Race to the bottom for shipping.

Last up – “You Are Not A Content Creator“. Tim Bray’s “Content-free“. If you’ve ever met with Youtube, you quickly realize you’re the product if they sell you, otherwise it’s just lip-service. The solution is to document, not “create content” – document what you’re building, who’s making it, share on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook – now that Twitch and Facebook are stepping it up on video, Youtube is starting to add features again and pretending they’re interested in “makers” again.