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Forum | The future of Gadgeteer… – GHI Electronics.

When MSR (Microsoft Research) started the Dragonfly concept which later became known as Gadgeteer, we immediately fell in love with it. Everything from the cables to the software wrappers allowed all of us to easily create projects and products. However, it never seemed to move past a research project for Microsoft. And in recent years it seems to be only GHI Electronics providing products and support on the level needed to keep Gadgeteer going. From a business perspective, we unfortunately cannot continue pouring resources into Gadgeteer. It is today with great sadness that we inform you that we will no longer provide Gadgeteer-based solutions.

What’s next? By removing Gadgeteer from our product road map, we will be able to really bring the concept of “FEZ” (Fast and Easy) back into using our products and who we are. We will be able to focus on the rest of catalog including NETMF. Yes, you read that correctly; stepping away from Gadgeteer does not apply to NETMF. We will continue with our NETMF product line and products that have yet to be announced.

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This is super insider-baseball, but that’s why you’re reading a maker business newsletter, relevant in the strat’ and on the street. We’re thinking Raspberry Pi Win 10 is what bumped this off the menu.