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America wants to believe China can’t innovate. Tech tells a different story. – The Washington Post.

China is now the world leader in e-commerce. Morgan Stanley projects that by 2018 China will be conducting more online transactions than the rest of the world. Buoyed by that cash, China’s tech start-ups are experimenting with new models that have the potential to make real money — and influence people around the globe. “You go on Facebook and you can’t even buy anything, but on WeChat and Weibo you can buy anything you see,” said William Bao Bean, a Shanghai-based partner at SOS Ventures and the managing director of Chinaccelerator, a start-up accelerator.
“Facebook’s road map looks like a WeChat clone.”

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As far as hardware goes, we consistently see innovation and delightfully clever designs coming out of China. As always, what you put in is what you’ll get out if you’re considering working with a factory partner in China, check out Bunnie’s guide to Shenzhen no matter what.