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Is It Time To Retool

MAKE had some breaking news on Monday …“TechShop Shake-Up: Mark Hatch Resigns as CEO”. Mark Hatch stepped down as CEO…

“After considerable thought and consultation, I’ve reached one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. I’ve decided that I can help TechShop and the Maker Movement the most by stepping down from the day-to-day demands of being TechShop’s CEO. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can help grow the movement faster and better by opening up my calendar to more policy, educational, corporate speaking, writing and consulting engagements.”

and Dan Woods, formerly of MAKE/MakerShed is now the CEO.

Effective immediately, Dan Woods will assume the role of CEO. As you may know, Dan was one of thee co-founders of Make: Magazine, Maker Faire and the original Maker Shed store. After joining TechShop in 2012 as COO he’s developed a world-class team that has successfully designed, built and launched nine new locations. Recently, as a member of our Board of Directors Dan has been working with the leadership team to evaluate and plan new initiatives focused on improving member experience and store performance.

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Ok, a few things with this. First up, the TechShop news page hasn’t been updated since 2015. The Twitter account doesn’t have this news. The events page *is* updated frequently, that’s good. MAKE tweeted and posted, but the post is by “Make:Editors“. We can’t locate the mailing list where this was announced.

A new CEO and a board member that will “plan new initiatives focused on improving member experience and store performance” usually means a cash crunch. We’ll follow up when/if more info is avail. Here’s an article from 5 years ago.