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Welcome to the world’s largest maker survey, sponsored by the top hardware and community leaders on earth. We want to hear from you so we can build better products, smarter services and fitting events for people like you. Whether you’re a seasoned engineer or just starting out, a life long hobbyist or a parent, the following questions will help us better support the global community we all call home.

Over 3000 participants, 104 countries, 25 partners.

Over 20% reported a household income that exceeds $100K
Close to 30% of Makers are between the ages of 26-36
Only 26% belong to a Maker Space
Home Automation is king – over 67% said it’s a top of mind topic
53% have developed an IoT solution
IoT Cloud: AWS & Azure are on top, but startups are getting just as much attention
Most used boards? No surprises there: Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi 3.

Pro Section:
21% of all Makers are also MakerPros (indie makers, startups, consultants)
56% want to be Pros
76% never used any crowd funding platforms
Hardest thing to do as a Pro? 24% said its funding

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