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RadioShack taps retail veteran as CEO | Chain Store Age.

RadioShack has named a new CEO with retail turnaround and transformation experience. Dene Rogers will join the company as president and CEO on May 9, 2016. Rogers, who will also serve on RadioShack’s board, previously served as CEO of Target Australia and CEO of Sears Canada, which he led to become Canada’s most profitable online retailer, according to RadioShack.

RadioShack brand was acquired out of bankruptcy last spring by Standard General LP. It currently operates over 1,700 company-owned stores, including 1,400 Sprint Stores at RadioShack, and nearly 500 independent dealers nationwide.

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We’ve been covering RadioShack for awhile (including a few RadioShack “is back” stories). Most people when they think of RadioShack here in the USA, they think crummy cell phone store, a small percentage may think “DIY” from a long time ago, and an even smaller percentage might think “DIY / Maker” more recently. RadioShack approached Adafruit to do a lot with them, including a lot of retail sales, they later went bankrupt owing maker companies a lot of money (we passed on working together).

What would RadioShack need to do to turn it all around? Rebrand, refocus and the maker/DIY market isn’t where we’d spend the resource, that market is served best online and MicroCenter as far as retailers has the best experience at the moment. Tough problem to solve, looking forward to what Dene and teams come up with.