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Huh, our post today was about the possible “Return of Quirky” – if you’re in the NYC tech start up scene, it’s hard to find a bigger crash-and-burn other than Quirky. Lost $150m+ laid off hundreds, currently in bankruptcy.

The high profile CEO of Quirky has a new company Auxiliary … or aux.space ? We’re not sure, but he’s as of today taken down the instagram photos and tweets promoting the space.

It appears that the Normal (nrml.com) 3D printed headphone store closed and now it’s Ben’s new company, Auxiliary? Normal had these MASSIVE solid metal ears on the door (old Google maps photo here from 2014). The old 3D printed site/info is gone now too.

Anyway – looks like the company is called Auxiliary and will have a domain of aux.space and/or aux.fund. Maybe a co-working techshop type thing? Will GE fund all this again?