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Built Tough, Built Loud: The Development Story Behind the Loudest Speaker On the Market.

We sit down with Jesper Theil Thomsen, co-founder of SoundBoks, to riff on speaker design, efficiency, and revolutionizing a product that’s as much a part of our social fabric as the music it broadcasts.

Some tidbits…

26 x 17 x 13 inches and weighs in at 32 pounds.

Without any engineering background or education, they apparently learned to build these speakers just by reading articles online.

In their senior year, Jesper says, the guys “put up an ad in the Danish version of Craigslist, and got 200 orders. Then we saved up money for six months, working full time till January 2015, and launched the company in March. By ourselves. The first year we sold 400 speakers, and then we knew we could go international.”

“we graduated from high school in 2014″.

Then, the battery failed in the summer heat.

What doesn’t kill your product, makes it stronger, as they say. The team wasted no time in revving up for version 2.

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Good article, pretty amazing a bunch of “high school kids” are doing this!