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The Secret Culprit in the Theranos Mess | Vanity Fair.

There are a lot of directions in which to point fingers. There is Holmes, of course, who seemed to have repeatedly misrepresented her company. There are also the people who funded her, those who praised her, and the largely older, all-white, and entirely male board of directors, few of whom have any real experience in the medical field, that supposedly oversaw her.

But if you peel back all of the layers of this tale, at the center you will find one of the more insidious culprits: the Silicon Valley tech press. They embraced Holmes and her start-up with a surprising paucity of questions about the technology she had supposedly developed. They praised her as “the next Steve Jobs,” over and over (the black turtleneck didn’t hurt), until it was no longer a question, but seemingly a fact.

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Putting this in makerbiz, but it could have also been in biohacking as an article to read between measuring ketones 🙂 So here’s our take, the the Silicon Valley tech press mostly ignores the maker biz world, we’re not interesting, many are not funded (no VC) and selling products and delivering them – BORING. What’s the solution? Make sure to make your own media and tell your story, it’s also a better form of advertising if you’re the real deal – Had Theranos done live video chats, blog posts and more about their process, labs and were “showing their work” a lot of things would (and would not have happened). One good things about open-source hardware (there are many good things) – is that people can poke and inspect your work, it’s not always fun, but you can build something that lasts.