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MakerBot, the face of 3-D printing in the city, continues to falter, while little-known Shapeways cleans up @ Crain’s New York Business.

Bre Pettis launched his desktop 3-D-printer company, MakerBot, in 2009.With his Brooklyn manufacturing ethos and trendy MakerBot outlets, he became the face of the city’s maker movement.

Peter Weijmarshausen, meanwhile, brought his on-demand, industrial 3-D-printing company, Shapeways, from the Netherlands in 2011. He quietly set to work in a Long Island City factory that today still doesn’t have a sign on it.

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Yah, so this is day 3 of MakerBot news, but this article talks about the quiet competitor of sorts, Shapeways that has been chuggin’ along, so there ya go. It might really be the end of MakerBot, something we’ve been following from the start, so hang in there 🙂