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Inside One of the World’s Most Secretive iPhone Factories – Bloomberg.

One improvement Pegatron executives were eager to share was increased income transparency. Employees can now check their hours, pay stubs, and monthly lodging and food expenses at touchscreen terminals throughout the campus. Including overtime, take-home pay averages 4,200 yuan to 5,500 yuan ($650-$850) a month. One employee, who helped workers access the automated information stations, showed her base salary was 2,020 yuan. An iPhone 6 in China costs 4,488 yuan.

The focus is now shifting to productivity and talent retention as wages rise and an aging population reduces the worker pool. The nondescript factories and sweatshops of old are giving way to modern-style campuses with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, television lounges, cleaning services and even options for upgraded dorms.

…China’s factories are finding it harder to find and keep people as the labor force shrinks, leading to more job hopping. Still, retention rates at Pegatron’s Shanghai factory have increased about 20 percent a year for the past three years, according to Sheu. Last year, turnover averaged about 16 percent.

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Intense, huge, interesting article. Timely, Apple is in the news too – 51 consecutive quarters of growth, over. Wondering if this is related, population started to get better incomes, a spike in sales for Apple in China, then an immediate drop off…