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The Drone Manufacturers Alliance.

Leading global drone manufacturers 3DR, DJI, GoPro and Parrot today are forming the Drone Manufacturers Alliance, a coalition that will serve as the voice for drone manufacturers and our customers across civilian, governmental, recreational, commercial, nonprofit and public safety applications. We will advocate for policies that promote innovation and safety, and create a practical and responsible regulatory framework.

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Huh, 3DR, DJI, GoPro and Parrot are in this – we’re going to guess there is some inside-baseball reasons for this. Here’s what we found…

DJI, 3DR, Parrot and GoPro form new drone advocacy group
Drone Makers Create New Lobbying Group After Split From Google, Amazon.

TechCrunch notes the following:
the logos of DJI, 3DR, Parrot and GoPro are nowhere to be found on the Small UAV Coalition’s member page (which still includes the likes of Google[x], Amazon Prime Air, AirMap, Intel and others).

We’re emailing some drone makers and will report back what/why the “The Drone Manufacturers Alliance” was formed.