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Maker biz news that’s pretty close to home 🙂 Becky Stern, after working with Adafruit for about 4 years, left in Feb (post here and here) – she’s landed at Instructables (remote content creator). Makes total sense, seeing Instructables possibly move more towards video content is a natural progression of how-tos. As of 4/7/2016 Instructables has 80,768 subscribers and 21,175,215 views on YouTube – the latest video is from 3 months ago, this could be an effort to do more video based content, we’ll be tuning in and checking out her guides, ya’ll should too 🙂

Next up, and sorta-related, we had guessed that Simone Giertz (pictured above) was going to end up at tested.com after see her rocket up the YouTube subscribers, and she did (4/7/2016 135,968 subscribers and 8,390,610 views), check out her first video and video with Adam Savage here. Tested.com is up to 1,742,067 subscribers and 302,493,696 views as of 4/7/2016.

For maker businesses, or really any business, besides google search, YouTube search is the other way most folks are finding things online – a frequent, entertaining video publishing schedule with a business model that can support talented creators with measurable metrics _is_ the business we’re all going to be in. How-to content has the opportunity to inspire, teach and also be a good business. Congrats Simon and Becky!