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EBay Will Sell Its Own Boxes To Kick Up Its Brand Awareness @ Fortune.

EBay still sells billions of dollars in goods every year, but you wouldn’t know it by checking out the average recycling bin filled with rival Amazon’s cardboard boxes.

That’s why the San Jose, Calif.-based company has decided to counterattack by selling supplies like boxes, envelopes, and tape with eBay branding to its marketplace sellers, the online marketplace said on Tuesday. The new packaging is optional to use. Sellers are still free to use their own boxes, including those that do not bear eBay’s branding.

Read more & here’s eBay’s post.

Ok this is pretty smart, a little late but smart. Every single day the world is reminded how much Amazon ships, it seems like every single box has an Amazon logo. A little surprising eBay just doesn’t give it all away and consider it a marketing expense.

eBay’s “packaging store” is here. And if you’re looking for Uline alternatives, we have a post about that.