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Maker.Works by Digistump – Custom PCB Service.

This service is in alpha testing, you are welcome to order and you will receive a 37.5% discount during this testing period, but please understand the following risks while we are in alpha testing:
• Turnaround and delivery times may vary widely, as much as a 14 day turnaround or greater.
• Orders may be canceled (with a full refund) at any time, for any reason, including factory feedback, mistakes, and bugs.
• You may be contacted via email for feedback about your order.
• Quality, specs, price, and service level may vary without notice.
• Board upload and conversion may be slow, we will add more servers after alpha.
• If there is something wrong we will provide a full refund, but don’t order time/quality sensative boards at this time.
• We will be adding accounts, saved boards, rewards, community boards, and more – alpha orders will not transfer to these when added.

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Maker.Works joins the fast/cheap services like “DirtyPCBs” – and perhaps more mature services like OSH Park (and prior to that Batch PCB / SparkFun). Ladyada has a listing back from 2011 of the PCB services and sites.

One thing worth reading Ian from DirtyPCBs has recently announced a price hike “Not to make it more profitable, but to keep out the riff-raft.”