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A Former Nest Engineer Sees a Gap Between Indiegogo and Best Buy—and Fills it With B8ta – IEEE Spectrum.

Here’s how B8ta works. Companies pay a monthly subscription fee to put their product in the store. They can choose to have B8ta keep inventory on hand to sell on site, or to have store employees direct potential customers to company web sites for direct sales or preorders. Every product in the store sits next to a B8ta-designed touch-screen terminal that displays product information, price, videos—or just about anything the product manufacturer wants to put there; the manufacturer can make changes in this information remotely at any time, tweaking marketing materials and pricing.

B8ta uses security cameras in the store to track user engagement—how long a visitor looks at a product and its accompanying promotional material—and reports that to the manufacturer. B8ta staff members also gather information when people purchase products; in particular, about what exactly they expect to use a gadget for. “Use cases are huge for anybody making a product,” Norby says.

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It appears that every product has a physical tutorial / video kiosk next to it in the store.