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Content Marketing for People Who Hate Writing — The Content Strategist.

In most cases, the founder comes from a technical background and is uncomfortable with writing. The process of establishing an accessible voice, setting up an editorial calendar, and distributing the work feels like a distraction from their core businesses. Content seems like a time-consuming, hit-driven, and unreliable gamble.

However, instead of thinking of content marketing as the mother of all term papers, companies should look at it as a byproduct of their business model. Here are some stories of how successful content marketers have gone beyond words to strengthen their bottom line using toys, puppets, and even cereal boxes.

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Good information is advertising, tutorials sell products and show the care and quality of the products and also shows you care enough to teach in addition to just shipping. The new normal for good maker businesses is rapidly changing: good product, good service, fast/free shipping option, stored payment, variety of payment types, presence on social media(s), published open-source code, open-source hardware files, github, software-as-a-service offerings for IoT, newsletters, tutorials/step-by-step to get up and running, videos, live videos, “hangouts” – show-and-tells, community for sharing and publishing, physical and virtual events – being a cause and a business. The founder’s story matters. It’s never been more rewarding or more challenging to run a business, content marketing isn’t just writing, it’s telling the story as it happens to give more value than just the physical things you are shipping.