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Stamps.com Acquisitions Fuel Surge In Profits, Stock Price – Investors.com.

Its buyouts of ShipStation and ShipWorks — in June and October of 2014, respectively — gave Stamps.com two providers of monthly subscription-based e-commerce shipping software. ShipStation’s Web-based program is designed to allow online retailers and e-commerce merchants to organize, process, fulfill and ship their orders. ShipWorks provides shipping software to online sellers.

Then this past November, Stamps.com completed its $215 million acquisition of rival Endicia, which it purchased from Newell Rubbermaid. Endicia provides high-volume shipping technologies and services for U.S. Postal Service shipping. By acquiring Endicia, Stamps.com eliminated a key rival. Endicia was the third company approved and regulated by the Postal Service to sell discounted postage online.

Stamps.com now expects to become more effective in competing against companies such as Pitney Bowes, which offers postage meters and shipping solutions. Stamps.com and Pitney Bowes are the only two companies approved and regulated by the Post Office to sell discounted postage online.

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We’ve been using Endicia for almost 10 years and this is news for any maker business out there, stamps.com was always the competitor to Endicia and now they’re all one company. It was a subsidiary of Newell Rubbermaid – the wikipedia page hasn’t been updated regarding the sale.

Pitney Bowes wants to sell you a big ole’ postage machine, Endicia has been our choice for postage including it’s “Dazzle” software, it’s not the easiest to integrate but it’s worked well for us, if you need to ship a lot of USPS it’s a good choice to consider.