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Segway Advanced Personal Robot (video).

A Segway that sees the world and a robot that gives you a ride. Segway Robot can navigate and follow, and he is extendable with many exciting possibilities. The future is interesting! Create with us. The SDK will be released with developer kit. Join our developer list to get notified of new development and opportunities.

We target to start shipping Segway Robot Developer Edition in early Q3 2016. It will come with a full SDK. Whether you are creating for yourself or are interested in developing new skills and content, the SDK is for you. With the purchase of the Segway Robot Developer Edition, you will be enrolled in the Segway Robot Developer Program and have direct access to support and advice from our team.

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One of the more interesting developments lately, a dual use robot with some very tested hardware for moving the most precious cargo, people. We’ve signed up for the SDK, for businesses / makers and more, robotics is always a drag, figuring out power and movement is where most get tap out, this gets you far, fast with a lot of the work done and you can start building applications on top of that.