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Big Changes At Popular Science.

With our January 2016 issue, we will move from a monthly schedule to a bimonthly one. So instead of publishing 12 regular print issues a year, we will publish six bigger, richer ones.

…dedicated digital features, new video franchises, and the flexibility to tell amazing stories with the coolest new technologies out there. 360-degree video? Buckle up because more is on the way.

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Back in the day, this author (me, pt) was an editor at Popular Science, it’s interesting to see where they’re taking it now (more online, less print but better, this is all good) – Pop Sci is moving more towards a MAKE Magazine style of publishing (less issues) – so, thicker and richer, while MAKE is moving away from that (thinner and more frequent). Popular Science had a How 2.0 section that came out right before MAKE got started and around then hackaday.com was getting going.

The opportunity for any maker business is that there are more places than ever for your products and projects to be celebrating, you’ll just need to make great content, which means videos, tutorials and getting that on the social mediaz. These publications and sites will get you in the spotlight.

Any print publication needs to work back from not being around in 5 years and getting everything in place for their “digital” efforts. Lining up advertisers is a long sales cycle that won’t work out long term, it turns in to sponsored articles, posts and co-branded content. It will be interesting to see what publications transform and how as we get to 2020.