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Four trends transforming IoT in 2016 – IoT Now @ How to run an IoT enabled business.

In the coming year, Internet of Things (IoT) vendors could benefit by thinking like Marc Andreessen, the Netscape co-founder who famously proclaimed that “software is eating the world.” It certainly looks like IoT devices will be no exception.

While privacy, security and an endless parade of new protocols will continue to be hot topics, hardware vendors have already begun changing how they design equipment to help their customers realise the true potential of IoT, says, Rob Faludi, chief innovator at Digi International. These new “software-minded” trends include ( Overbuilding for longevity and flexibility, Service models, Data-driven decisions, Systems thinking)….

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We try to make sure to tune in to what Rob’s up to, you may recall him from work at ITP, Xbee/sensor books and of course, plants that can call you “Botanicalls” (pictured above). That was almost 10 years ago, very ahead of its time.