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Why MakerBot and 3D Systems are Losing the Desktop 3D Market @ Fortune.

There’s the Lulzbot, BeeTheFirst, DeltaWasp, and the Ultimaker. You might not have heard of any of them, but collectively they’re crushing it in a desktop 3D-printing market traditionally dominated by brand-name rivals like MakerBot.

That’s the big takeaway from 3D Hubs’ 2016 Best 3D Printer Guide: Smaller 3D-printing companies are successfully disrupting their bigger competitors, offering desktop printers that are more reliable, cheaper, and easier to operate.

…MakerBot—which continues to report year-over-year decreases in product sales—will continue to give way to newer entrants.

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Pictured above, the top selling 3D printer we have at Adafruit at the moment in the mid-range class, the Ultimaker 2 – 3D Printer. There’s more choices than ever and we’ve been following the Makerbot story, which is fair to say, they’re on the decline in every measurable way since moving away from the maker market. While Makerbot went closed, it did open up one thing, opportunity for other 3D printer makers to succeed.