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Adafruit 0523
Startup Playbook – written by Sam Altman

  • Part I: The Idea
  • Part II: A Great Team
  • Part III: A Great Product
  • Part IV: Great Execution
  • Closing Thought
  • Growth
  • Focus & Intensity
  • Jobs of the CEO
  • Hiring & Managing
  • Competitors
  • Making Money
  • Fundraising

This is a really good read and if you’re part of the management at Adafruit you’ll see many parallels and have some “head nodding” “oh yahs”, Adafruit is past the “start up” phase and we chose not to take funding, however, many good thoughts and we’re still hungry and scrappy to keep this all going. That said, we may decide together to take funding one day, go public or more, it will be up to us collectively to chart our destiny together with the excellent people we choose to have on board on this adventure.