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Bizarre story about the postal service – USPS’ bizarre reason for denying insurance claim @ KUTV. But in our experience, this is pretty normal.

Get Gephardt contacted a spokesperson for the USPS to ask how her package could be lost while in USPS custody and the insurance claim could still be denied. The spokeswoman said she’d look into it immediately and get back to us. Just like that, magically, Robinson’s power supply was found and shipped back to her. But that doesn’t mean it’s a happy ending to her USPS insurance ordeal.

Read more. Adafruit ships over 20,000+ packages a month, the postal service has gotten so bad we do not use USPS for all locations and worked out some great rates with UPS and managed to get a free shipping tier for customers which is the cost of doing business. Customers do not care about USPS’s issues, they want their package, we’ve found that although we do not have free shipping on all orders, customers appreciate reliable shipping more than anything else, knowing for sure when it will arrive and that Adafruit will take care of any issues that come up has the most value. Oh, we do not use USPS insurance for our postal packages, if something goes wrong the customer gets a refund or replacement directly from us, faster and easier.