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Adafruit 0419

Microsoft and Google Call an End to Patent Battles @ NYTimes.com.

Peace has broken out between Google and Microsoft, which agreed to dismiss all of their pending patent lawsuits against each other. The agreement, the terms of which were not disclosed, mean that about 20 different lawsuits in Germany and the United States involving issues as varied as mobile phones, wireless networking, video decoding and other technologies will go away. In a joint statement, the companies said the cases included those related to Motorola Mobility, the smartphone maker that Google sold last year to Lenovo.

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At Maker Faire NYC, the Adafruit team met with an entity that is currently in litigation with another well known maker company, for the costs of the legal fees the entity could give away a microcontroller platform to every single attendee at the event (tens of thousands) and more. The Adafruit team proposed it, it was received well, it will however not happen. “The big guys” are learning that mutually assured destruction has low ROI, smaller companies take note, if the corps can get their sh*t together to keep doing business, all of us should too.