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Lots of action in the drone space this week, Intel is jumping in – Intel Capital has invested more than $60 million in Yuneec, (video with CEO). Earlier in the week EHANG announced a $42 million Series B. Back in April, 3DR expanded its series C Financing to $64 Million. In February they had raised a total of $85 million, which brings them up to $149 million, wow! But wait, there’s more! DJI, the current leader in the consumer space took $75 million, the company is valued at $10 billion and currently generates $1b / year in revenue.

Who does Adafruit like? We have a few favorites at the moment – Solo from 3D Robotics that’s hitting the skies now and CYPHY LVL 1 DRONE.

What’s next? This week California is moving towards allowing folks to ban drones from going over private property, that might slow sales and adoption no matter who has the most funding.